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Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete Procedure:
• Mechanically Grind Slab using WerkMaster Grinders with 700Lbs of Point Pressure starting at 40 & 80 grit Metal Bond Diamond Abrasives to expose the aggregate to the desired of exposure. Note that depending on the depth of the aggregate there could be variations in stone size & constancy.
• Repair any cracks or depressions that may show up during the removal of the cream layer of concrete.
• Clean all expansion joints and fill with a 2 component polyurea joint filler.
• Densify entire area with WerkMaster UltraHard Lithium Densifier to harden and strengthen the concrete.
• Mechanically Grind Slab using WerkMaster Grinders with 700Lbs of Point Pressure and Resign bond Diamond Abrasives starting at 100 grit and finishing to an 800 grit for a Medium Gloss level, 1500 grit for a Semi Gloss level and 3000 grit for a High Gloss .
• Seal floor using WerkMaster Ultraguard Sealer and apply 2 coats then burnish using high speed.

Benefits of Polished Concrete:
• Less Maintenance in industrial and warehouse applications. Concrete floors are hard to wear down. Even in high traffic areas the surface can stand up to the everyday wear and tear. This is true of retail or even industrial work spaces or even your garage or basement floor.
• Increased reflectivity reduces expensive lighting costs and adds more light to your workspace.
• Eliminate dust caused by the concrete breaking down.
• Polishing your existing slab as a finished product saves money, costs are a fraction of what you would pay to put down a hardwood floor ceramic tile. Or carpet and why cover up what you have already paid to put down.
• No need to wax and strip your floor, just wash the floor with water and neutral detergents.
• Polished concrete eliminates issues that arise with other flooring materials that seal off concrete. By allowing the concrete to breathe it does not suffer under materials such as Paint, Vinyl and tile.
• No chance of coatings delaminating or peeling due to hydrostatic pressure under the slab.
• Environmentally friendly and meets all LEED requirements.